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I plot with different data sets and all plots are on the same axes. The issue I am facing here is adding the legend and when i plot the next plot the legend of the first gets overwritten our overlapped. How can I have the legends of consecutive plots below the other and not over


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can you post your code? –  Dan Nov 15 '12 at 12:57

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The thing with legends is that it creates a whole new legend whenever you call the command. You should therefore only draw legends once.

Here's an INCORRECT way to do it:

plot(x1, y1, 'r.');   legend('first plot')
plot(x2, y2, 'g.');   legend('second plot')
plot(x3, y3, 'b.');   legend('third plot')
plot(x4, y4, 'k.');   legend('fourth plot')

which will create four overlapping legends. The RIGHT way to do it would be

plot(x1, y1, 'r.');   
plot(x2, y2, 'g.');   
plot(x3, y3, 'b.');   
plot(x4, y4, 'k.'); 

% only 1 call to legend
legend('first plot', 'second plot', 'third plot', 'fourth plot')  

or, alternatively, to keep plot and legend entry together,

plot(x1, y1, 'r.');   L{1} = 'first plot';
plot(x2, y2, 'g.');   L{2} = 'second plot';   
plot(x3, y3, 'b.');   L{3} = 'third plot';   
plot(x4, y4, 'k.');   L{4} = 'fourth plot'; 

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