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Is it possible to log certain things in Windbg console conditionally or unconditionally. I can change my source code and do but that is a tedious due to various resons including checkout cerain files, editing code, building and deploying. Which is seriously tedious and non-productive. I am looking for certain things like conditional breakpoint for eg.

bp module!Class::funcname+0x0ff5E1 ".if(cond) {exp1;exp2 } .else {gc}" 

to log to windbg console based on the cond (maybe cond=1 for always). I have used ?? command to print values whuile debugging but is it possible to automate as i need many values and doing it 1 by 1 takes toime and thats not formatted too! I am ;ooking something like above conditional breakpoint or any other way to do so. Any tutorial/sample will be certainly helpful.

Edit: well, one way i figured out to do this might be

bp module!Class::Func+0x0FF5E1 ".if(cond) {.echo The value of variable ALPHA is; ?? ALPHA;gc} .else {.echo SomeOtherTextIfNeeded; gc;}:"

this might be lengthy but is good as we will have to add equivalent lines in code too to display these log messages in the log; And here we dont change the code. There will certainly be other ways i am interested to see here :)

Another may be use the formatted output; on top of that if it format and variables name can be read from file, it would be great!!

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You can open and close a logfile programmatically reusing the same log

bp module!Class::funcname+0x0ff5E1 ".if(cond) {.logappend c:\mylog.txt;exp2;.logclose;gc; } .else {gc}" 
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it looks like it will write to file rather than windbg console log. I couldn't try it out though so can you comment if this logs to the console too?? Even if it doesnt, thanks as i learned manually writing to log file from this. – Abhinav Nov 15 '12 at 14:53
Yes this will output to the output window, opening and appending to a log file just saves the window text to file, you can also use !logo e d to log the output to the debugger. – EdChum Nov 15 '12 at 15:17
@abhinav additionally you can clear the screen .clsand just echo text .echo – EdChum Nov 15 '12 at 15:24
Is it possible to to have a formatted output. Like sometime you dont want 10 lines to be wasted for printing 10 elems of same array but rather like {1,2,3, .. , 10}? This would be awesome and more readable – Abhinav Sep 18 '13 at 12:40
@Abhinav not really as far as I know unless you walked the array yourself and skipped some elements or displayed the memory using a fixed length, but if you did something like dt myClass.myVar this would dump a specific variable rather than all members for the class dt myClass – EdChum Sep 18 '13 at 14:13

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