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i need help programmatically plot graphs using Gnuplot.

I have N graphs I want to plot each on a different window. I currently generate a string containing a gnuplot script, where every plot call comes after a "set terminal wxt n", with n=0,1,...,N.

The problem is the active window is always the Nth, then the interactivity is disabled on the other N-1.

What can I do to re-gain the zoom/grid control? Why the control is not on the current focused window? Thank you very much for your attention.

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According to the documentation (help wxt):

The active plot window (the one selected by set term wxt <n>) is interactive.

The only way to regain zoom/focus control on the n'th plot is via a set term wxt n. You can play various tricks though -- one trick is to use bind to bind the window number to a key:

bind 1 "set term wxt 1; raise"
bind 2 "set term wxt 2; raise"

This will reset the focus on the given plot number. raise may or may not work (it doesn't seem to work for me currently). If raising doesn't work, then consult the help raise for some ideas as to why. Of course, this only works if you have less than 11 plots to create -- If you have more then you need to get more creative with your key bindings I suppose.

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ok, bind could be the solution. The problem is that after having setted n-th terminal, the plotted graph changes to the previusly active one. in other words, if i have a graph in wxt 0 and another different graph in wxt 1, after having setted wxt 0 from wxt 1, in the window id:0 appears the graph which is drawn in window id:1. The 2 windows show the same graph. Any idea? thank you in advance. – Alfatau Nov 16 '12 at 8:51

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