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I've got PostgreSQL installed on a Ubuntu server and I'm trying to connect to that server using PGAdmin on a remote macbook.

I've created an ssh tunnel -

macbook:~postgres$ ssh -L 5423:localhost:5432

And I can connect using psql on the macbook as expected -

macbook:~ me$ psql -U postgres -p 5423 -h localhost

In the 'New Server Registration' window on PGAdminIII I'm entering the following credentials

Name - MyServer
Host - localhost
Port - 5423
Maintenance DB - postgres
Username - postgres
Password - <remote_postgres_password>

However the connection fails -

Error connecting to the server: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres"

Not sure what's going on here, these seem to be the same credentials I've used for psql.

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In your server, choose md5 as password authentication on pg_hba.conf file. For example:

host all all md5

While is your remote ip. I'm facing the same problem last week. Hope that helps.

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Thanks Maulana. I already have that line (except that I've got as my host address because I'm using the tunnel). – Aidan Ewen Dec 8 '12 at 19:50

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