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In my HTML page I have an onClick event which navigates to next page. When this is opened in UIWebView for iOS 5 it works perfectly, but this is not working in iOS 6. I am unable to navigate to another page.

I thought iOS 6 doesn't support onClick events, we have to support onClick event, as we need get this work on both iOS6 and iOS5. I have created a small JS function, which I feel this could fix my issue.

<img src="resources/images/arrowRight.png" id = "rightArrow" class="arrowNavRight"/>

The above is what I have done to resolve the issue. It is working fine in Chrome but not in the app. I am very new in using Javascript. Has anyone else faced this issue?. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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If you are developing for mobile, you should use 'touchstart' rather than 'onclick'.

Also, if you are using Phonegap, I would suggest using Jquery and Jquery mobile.

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I haven't written any script for it. I just used onTouchStart instead of onClick and it worked fine for me. Till iOS 5 it supported onClick, But the new iOS 6 is not supporting onClick.

<img src="resources/images/arrowRight.png" id = "rightArrow" class="arrowNavRight" onTouchStart = "nextSlide()"/>
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