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My program receives data from a device in XML. The device returns date times as a string in DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss.fff format. How do I deserialize this into a DateTime object, even though the local machine is set up for the US English culture?

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You can use DateTime.ParseExact

DateTime.ParseExact(s, "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss.fff",

Note that the case is important

  • MM: month
  • mm: minutes
  • HH: Hours (24-hour)
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Use ParseExact or TryParseExact with that format string - this should produce a DateTime instance.

The main difference between the two is that ParseExact will throw an exception if not successful and TryParseExact will return a boolean indicating whether the parse succeeded.

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Use DateTime.ParseExact method

var date = DateTime.ParseExact(text, "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.fff",      

Also you should use lowercase dd for days, and yyyy for year.

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