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I'm looking for an approach (not a library or framework, as I can't seem to find one) to detecting changes in a web pages content. I've taken a look at posts similar to Tracking changes to web page content, and white papers (, but having trouble figuring out a good approach.

I don't believe an md5 of a page's content is useful, as the content of most pages change slightly depending on when you request it (eg. if they hardcode the day's date).

Additionally, I'd like to figure out a way to determine what content has actually changed (eg. running a diff on the content that is seen as different is good enough, but I would first need to figure out which content is different). seems to do a solid job of this. Any approaches or ideas or links would be appreciated.


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Did you end up figuring out a solution to this? – Louis Sayers May 30 '15 at 0:45

The HTTP Last-Modified and ETag headers may be a way to go. However, if the web pages you crawl do not implement them, you are left with text similarity detection.

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