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I have a excel column as a dropdown list. What i want to achieve is the following:

When the user chooses a value from the dropdown list, it should populate the row with another set of values.

e.g. Cell A1 - user chooses fruit, cell A2,A3,A4 etc should be populated based upon a lookup list, this would result in:

A1 - Fruit, A2 - Apple, A3 - Banana, A4 - Orange

Another example

A1 - Car, A2 - BMW, A3 - Honda, A4 - Suzuki, A5 - Mercedes, A6 - Audi

The number of items in each differs.

Is this possible without VBA?

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Yes. Is it possible that you might improve your accept rate? –  brettdj Nov 15 '12 at 13:52
Would i have to use vba or can i do this with excel functions. i will improve the accept rate now –  user1786107 Nov 15 '12 at 13:53

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  1. Use Data Validation on A1. See Debra's site
  2. Use a simple Index and Match in combo A2:A6 to return the values allocated to A1 by referencing your data range contain your categories and values

enter image description here

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