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I have a static HTML site hosted on Amazon S3.

Ideally I want to be able to limit access to a staging site in the same way as with a .htaccess/.htpasswd file.

I understand that bucket policies can be used to limit access (I have already used one to make the bucket contents publicly accessible), but I can't see any way to limit access.

In an ideal situation I would like an auth prompt - but appending a token to a URL would also work.

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Yes, this is possible: checkout s3auth (no affiliation).

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Could you use the standard AWS token keys for auth? You would need some JavaScript or similar to apply the key to all assets/internal links within the page which introduces a slight delay to loading but it should work in theory.

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You can try manipulating the AWS ACL, but otherwise, you will need to clone it to a repo on a private server or something. From reading the description, it seems like S3's ability to serve static pages is pretty limited and is designed more as a convenience then a functional server.

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