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We got an ebay-store. Our support staff adds items through the standard ebay-interface. When they do this to add a new item, I can get this item through the GetSellerList-call. But when they only change something in the text or modify the item in another way, the GetSellerList-call will fail to notify me about that. I need those modifications because we include our SKU in the article-text and this is something, our support will adjust. Had some one a similar problem and found a way to solve this?

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Must it be Trading API? You can reach your goal by Finding API. – Line Apr 8 '14 at 7:18
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I think you can select all revised item and filter them. Let me explain what i'm thinking about. I would use the output selector to limit result of each call. i would only return intersting data such as itemID, SKU, (and what else you need toghter with two fields i'm talking about next). Then i would filter answer by using ItemArray.Item.ReviseStatus.ItemRevisedif is true than item have been revised previously so i would put in array.

from documentation

    If true, indicates the item was revised since the listing became active. 
    Output only.

I would definitely store all returned data in a table so i would be able to check for new entries / new revisions. When a new entry is found/updated you can do what ever you need, for example email yourself to know what items have been revised.

Field wich can give you revision details is ItemArray.Item.ReviseStatus.ItemRevised

from documentation:

    An output value only, indicates whether an item has been revised since the 
    listing became active and, if so, which among a subset of properties have 
    been changed by the revision. 

I hope this can help.

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So far, this is the only possible way I can imagine. Sadly. – Ron Nov 17 '12 at 12:59
I know... they should improve their filters though – Fabio Nov 17 '12 at 18:40
You mean still using GetSellerList method? I have about 1500 active aucitons and I just can't fetch them all and filer... At least in PHP. Is this really only way to do this? – Line Apr 3 '14 at 7:42
Yeah as far it seems so, you will need to loop throw the pages – Fabio Apr 3 '14 at 10:55

I think You can use GetSellerEvents instead of GetSellerList - there You can specify ModTimeFrom and ModTimeTo input properties

I will check how it works :)

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