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I created a form with

`method="post" action="eh.do" onsubmit="return Form1_Validator(this)"`

The validation is successful and works fine when I hit submit.

But on the servlet, I have a concatenate function to merge the values together.

When the Javascript is turned on, ie when I write onsubmit="return Form1_Validator(this)" it shows:

    java.lang.String.concat(Unknown Source)

But once the Javascript is disabled ie I delete out onsubmit="return Form1_Validator(this)", it works fine.

If all conditions are true, my script returns

return (true);

Is this the problem?

I tried return(theForm); but the problem remains the same!

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Please post the code for the Form1_Validator function as well as code close to line 27 in EditHelper.java –  svinto Aug 27 '09 at 9:19
I'm not sure here, but you could be processing that return block as a Java code rather than Javascript. Post your code as suggest by @svinto. Secondly, you shouldn't be running Javascript within your server code. –  Helen Neely Aug 27 '09 at 9:27
I figured it out. I deleted all concatenation values and used the conventional + to concatenate, now everything works fine! BTW.. form validation had no problem, i put out a out.print function in the servlet and the log had the passed parametres, the values where being passed.. @Helen I am running javascript on the client side not on the server side! –  sh_ Aug 27 '09 at 11:05

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I'd use Firebug to see how the form submit request parameters change if you add your onsubmit handler. I guess your javascript code is somehow influencing those parameters and once you see what happens, it might become obvious why this is.

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