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Which is the best way to integrate my tickets and other stuff from an old Redmine instance in another one? I've got a Redmine instance in which I already have a lot of data. Now I want to integrate another one into this installation.

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Have a look at this plugin. It may help you.

Otherwise, i suggest you to write a rake task to do the job. You can get inspired by this task lib/tasks/migrate_from_mantis.rake. The main problem you will face is the correct mapping of foreign ids(users, trackers,...) because your old redmine's ids will overlap your new ones.

  • Integrate in first your references (users,...) to get the new ids.
  • Export your tickets without references ids (ie user_id,...) but with the label or other field (login or email in case of the users) you can easily find with activerecord methods (find_by_xxx).
  • Integrate your tickets.

I hope it gives you a good starting point...

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another option is to use Task Adapter application, which can transfer tasks (but not comments or attachments): http://www.taskadapter.com/

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