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I am running my jeykll website on my local host. This is my terminal

jekyll --server $4000 --auto

Although the some reason when i type localhost:4000 into my browser it doesnt work, i have to go to 337. Does anyone know why?

Anyway when i first load it up it displays as it should.


Then i refresh the page


Another refresh brings this


And it will carry on in a circle everytime.

The website can be found here: joshhornby.co.uk

Ok a quick look in the chrome dev tools told me this: Failed to load resource http://localhost:337/stylesheets/style.css But why? It loads some of the time? Very confused.

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The immediate solution is that the command line should be

jekyll --server 4000 --auto

4000 is not an environment variable, so no $ is needed.

I usually put the port in the _config.yml - likely that is where the 337 comes from. The other problems could be permissions related - using a port number under 1000 means needing admin access, which can cause problems when regenerating files.

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