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Even if a packet has version 0x0301 ( TLS v1 ) , wireshark is showing SSL instead of TLSv1 in protocol column.

I,myself have constructed an TLS handshake packet.

What could be the reason?

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It's because it's roughly the same thing. SSLv3 and TLS 1.x are virtually the same protocol with different version numbers. The version number for SSLv3 is { 3, 0 }, and it's { 3, 1 } for TLS 1.0.

(SSLv2 would have much more different packets.)

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Problem is that wireshark itself sometimes shows SSL for TLS type client hello and somtimes shows TLSv1 for TLS type client hello.Why this random behaviour does exist? –  harihardik Nov 30 '12 at 16:30

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