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I have a list of lines like this:

... you get the idea...

I want to end up with a+b+c+d+e etc

I was trying with emacs but couldn't work out how to do such a thing. anyone any ideas?

One thing that does work is c-m-% [paste in selected after + on one line to beginning of next row] [nothing]

There must be something to insert for carriage return?

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How about simply replacing EOLs by nothing?



  • M-% : query-replace
  • C-q : quote the following character
  • C-j : end-of-line character
  • first RET : validate the search string
  • second RET : validate the (empty) replacement string
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Thats what I was really after, thanks. So C-j is the end of line char? – Angus Comber Nov 15 '12 at 14:09
Yes, C-j is EOL. This explains why it is by default bound to newline-and-indent in Emacs. – Francesco Nov 15 '12 at 15:18

Do you have a buffer with those lines in it? In that case, you could create a simple macro:

F3  ;; record macro
C-e ;; end of line
C-d ;; delete newline
F4  ;; save macro

Then either press F4 repeatedly until you're done, or do C-0 F4 to do it all in one swoop.

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That is nice and simple. – Angus Comber Nov 15 '12 at 14:07

Have you tried just `M-q' ? The spacing is different, and it will use several lines if you have many of those thingies, but otherwise, it seems like a funny alternative.

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C-q C-j
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