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for a assignment in our university we have to find the decryption algorithm for a ciphertext. I already found the correct decryption for every letter but i still dont know wich cipher is used. (Our only hint was its kinda like the caesar cipher)

(This is how letters are decrypted. First row is converted to third row, i have also written the number of the letter in the alphabet to maybe find some numeric decrypt algorithm)

Here is the ciphertext. For those who are interested in it:

xituih, rinsyf ltgiqtl mwc liqu sy mrim bgixt, ktxieut rt ril iymsxsbimtl mrim, sy mrt yimehig xcehut ca tntymu, uexr wcegl kt mrt xcylexm ca nthxsyftmchsv, gtintu mrt ihdq eylth bhtmtyut ca hisusyf htxhesmu iyl xinighq: rt bgixtu khemeu, i qceyf diy, sy xcddiyl ca mrtut achxtu; rt fsntu rsd syumhexmscyu mrim mrt xinighq urcegl hiyft iu tvmtyusntgq iu bcuuskgt sy igg lshtxmscyu; mrim rt wcegl tvthm rsdutga ycm mc kt ikutym ahcd mrt xidb gcyfth mriy mrhtt liqu. rinsyf ihhiyftl mrtut dimmthu, rt dihxrtu mc nstyyi kq iu gcyf zcehytqu iu rt xiy, wrty rsu cwy ucglsthu lsl ycm tvbtxm rsd. asylsyf mrtht i ahtur kclq ca xinighq, wrsxr rt ril utym cy mc mrim bgixt utnthig liqu ktacht, dihxrsyf syxtuuiymgq ysfrm iyl liq, rt ilniyxtl hibslgq mrhcefr mrt mthhsmchq ca mrt itles symc mrim ca mrt gsyfcytu, sy wrsxr mwc gtfscyu wtht wsymthsyf, mrim, sa iyq bgiy iaatxmsyf rsu cwy uiatmq urcegl rint ktty chfiysotl kq mrt itles, rt dsfrm ltatim sm kq mrt hibslsmq ca rsu dcntdtymu. wrty rt ihhsntl mrtht, rt utylu syachdimscy mc mrt htum ca mrt gtfscyu, iyl fimrthu igg rsu ihdq symc cyt bgixt ktacht symtggsftyxt ca rsu ihhsnig xcegl kt iyyceyxtl mc mrt ihnthys. nthxsyftmchsv, cy rtihsyf mrsu xshxedumiyxt, gtilu kixj rsu ihdq symc mrt xceymhq ca mrt ksmehsftu; iyl iamth dihxrsyf ahcd sm mc fthfcnsi, i mcwy ca mrt kcss, wrcd xituih ril utmmgtl mrtht iamth ltatimsyf mrtd sy mrt rtgntmsiy wih, iyl ril htylthtl mhskemihq mc mrt itles, rt ltmthdsytl mc immixj sm.

The only possible algorithm i found until now is the simple substition with a new alphabet which in my case is fpomuglr....q But im not sure if its really just that.

I know this is actually a board for asking programming questions, but since this is kinda programming related and i know there are a some programming people who are really into cryptography i decided to ask you guys if you maybe find some algorithm in it. Furthermore when we found the actual decryption algorithm we also have to code it.

Greets Jack

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Yup. Simple substitution cipher. Since you already have the key, you just have to implement the cipher and you should be done. – Jack Nov 15 '12 at 14:46
ok thx for your answer. – Jakob Abfalter Nov 15 '12 at 15:00
What a boring piece of text, closing as too localized (you know what to do already anyway). – Maarten Bodewes Nov 15 '12 at 22:01
In case you don't, iterate through all the characters of the text, calculate the location in the alphabet (relative to the character 'a', or using indexOf in the alphabet), then substitute it by the replacement character at the same index within the key, leaving any character not in the alphabet in place. – Maarten Bodewes Nov 18 '12 at 23:41
This looks like some kind of classical cipher, possibility a rotation cipher, used in some "hacking challenge" that really has nothing to do with security or modern cryptography. – rook Nov 20 '12 at 0:15
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The first step to break the cipher would be do a frequency attack on it. Should be particularly effective in case of a Caesar cipher.

There are also a whole bunch of tools to help you, all posted under scientific curiosity :)

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thans for you replay. yeah i already did frequency analysis and as i have written i already know the decryption for each letter. (look at the image link i posted), but i cannot find out wich type of a caesar cipher this should be. – Jakob Abfalter Nov 15 '12 at 14:36
did you try to do it on words, i.e. see which word is most frequent and try to figure out what it is? – Bogdan Gavril - MSFT Nov 15 '12 at 15:36

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