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I am creating a simple CMS system whereby users can contribute inspirational posts made by brand pages on Facebook. All the user has to do is paste in a permalink to a post and the CMS will handle pinging the Graph API in order to acquire all the info it needs. (e.g. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152047553868306&set=a.99394368305.88399.40796308305&type=1&relevant_count=1)

One of the requirements of the CMS is that like, comment, and share counts are included for each post. This is where I struggle.

Simply pinging the graph endpoint with a photo ID will only return a paginated list of likes/comments. There is no parameter for total likes or total comments. Fortunately, the photo table includes like_info and comment_info members for me to query upon. This works great for getting totals on photos:

SELECT like_info, comment_info FROM photo WHERE object_id = 10152047553868306

One would expect then that I could apply the same FQL SELECT on the status or video tables in order to get the like and comment info for status updates and video posts but you cannot. like_info and comment_info only reside on the photo table.

At least right now I can get like/comment total for photos, but I still see no indication on how to get share totals for a photo.

Is there a way I can reliably acquire like, comment, and share counts for video posts, photo posts, and status posts? Using any combination of Graph or FQL API?

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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use this:

SELECT user_id FROM like WHERE object_id=10151751324059927 LIMIT 1000
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