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I'm toying with Eiffels SCOOP.

In my program a bunch of worker run in parallel. I want to create as many worker as processor are available for me.

Is there and "easy" way in Eiffel to find the number of available processors?

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There is no such a feature in the current standard library. However you can use the following:

frozen available_cpus: NATURAL_8
        -- Number of logical CPUs reported by OS.
        "C inline use %"eif_scoop.h%""
            #ifdef EIF_WINDOWS
                SYSTEM_INFO sysinfo;
                GetSystemInfo (&sysinfo);
                return sysinfo.dwNumberOfProcessors;
            #elif EIF_MACOSX
                int nm [2];
                size_t len = 4;
                uint32_t count;

                nm [0] = CTL_HW; nm [1] = HW_AVAILCPU;
                sysctl (nm, 2, &count, &len, NULL, 0);

                if(count < 1) {
                    nm[1] = HW_NCPU;
                    sysctl(nm, 2, &count, &len, NULL, 0);
                    if (count < 1) {count = 1;}
                return count;
                return sysconf (_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN);
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