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Let say I have such structure

public class Form
   public List<Field> Fields { get; set; }

The Field class can be composite and include other Fields derived from the Field class as well, so I have some sort of hierarchical structure. The Form is persisted into RavenDB as solid document and it works ok. I am just wondering about getting Form instance back from RavenDB, I want Raven to create appropriate classes (classes, which are derived from Field class). So let's say if I have two derived classes FieldDerived1 and FieldDerived2 and put them into the Fields collection of the Form after getting them back I want have two elements with actual types - FieldDerived1 and FieldDerived2 with all additional properties I added to these classes?

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It will work just fine. Raven uses Json.Net for it's serialization, which will add a $type property to your data so it can be properly deserialized to the correct type.

Assuming your fields look something like this:

public class Field
  public string Name {get; set;}

public class FieldDerived1 : Field
  public int Length {get; set;}

public class FieldDerived2 : Field
  public string Color {get; set;}

Raven will store the Form class like this:

  Fields: [
      "$type": "YourNamespace.FieldDerived1, YourAssembly",
      "Name": "foo",
      "Length": 10
      "$type": "YourNamespace.FieldDerived2, YourAssembly",
      "Name": "bar",
      "Color": "blue"
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ah, yes, just got the same result :) thanks. – Jevgenij Nekrasov Nov 16 '12 at 8:15

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