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I had the impression that Watin was no longer being maintained and asked to which framework would be the best to switch to for testing of a website in a browser from .net?

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Back in July on the WatiN mailing list, Jeroen stated the following.

...is WatiN still alive: Yes. Is the activity visible for the outside world: No, which is a bad thing.

During my holiday last two weeks I have been thinking about how to proceed and decided that I will work on WatiN every Thursday evening. Number one prio is get the updated FireFox support and IE improvements out asap.


If moving away from WatiN, then Selenium 2 or later would be my first choice for a framework. Coded UI would be next. I've been part of a testing exercise where in the room WatiN, Selenium and Coded UI were all used to test the same site; the resulting structure was oddly similar across all three. Selenium seemed to have the best support for multiple browsers.

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This information about Watin is of course very valuable. –  tomsv Nov 16 '12 at 11:47

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