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I want to be able to check test coverage of those of my methods that have complexity above some given level.
Are there any plugins for Eclipse, Sonar, Hudson for that?


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That's a nice question. But all the answers so far don't seem to the output of code coverage and complexity measuring together. –  SpaceTrucker Nov 15 '12 at 14:39

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I've found simpler solution. I can use a filter in SONAR where given metric can be used.

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For good code coverage you should check out this tool. It's availiable for Eclipse.

Emma Code Coverage

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The Eclipse Metrics plugin to measure complexity

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As already mentioned Cobertura is a tool for measuring code coverage. It also measures complexity (see the example report). So you could try to transform the xml output of it that it only shows coverage of methods that exceed a given complexity threshold.

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Emma code coverage can also be used via ant for code coverage automation.

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