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I want to make a question app which shows a random question from a plist I made. This is the function (there are only 7 questions for now).

My function gives a random question but it always starts with the same question and a question can be repeated. I need your help to generate the question randomly and without repetition.

 NSDictionary *nextQuestion = [self.questions objectAtIndex:currentQuestion];

    self.answer = [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"questionAnswer"];

    self.qlabel.text = [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"questionTitle"];

    self.lanswer1.text = [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"A"];

    self.lanswer2.text = [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"B"];

    self.lanswer3.text = [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"C"];

    self.lanswer4.text = [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"D"];
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Hey Eyasin, I didn't get you, why do you want me to edit your code? – MANN Nov 26 '12 at 16:14

rand()%7; will always produces a unique sequence of random numbers.

Use arc4random() % 7; instead.

currentQuestion=arc4random() %7;
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I'd do it this way (in ARC, written out extra long for clarity):

@property (nonatomic,strong) NSDictionary *unaskedQuestions;

- (NSString *)nextRandomUnaskedQuestion {

    if (!self.unaskedQuestions) {
        // using your var name 'nextQuestion'.  consider renaming it to 'questions'
        self.unaskedQuestions = [nextQuestion mutableCopy];

    if ([self.unaskedQuestions count] == 0) return nil;  // we asked everything

    NSArray *keys = [self.unaskedQuestions allKeys];
    NSInteger randomIndex = arc4random() % [allKeys count];
    NSString *randomKey = [keys objectAtIndex:randomIndex];
    NSString *nextRandomUnaskedQuestion = [self.unaskedQuestions valueForKey:randomKey];

    [self.unaskedQuestions removeObjectForKey:randomKey];
    return nextRandomUnaskedQuestion;
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  1. Use an array of your question keys. Say you have array named arrKeys --> [A], [B], [C], [D], ... , [z], nil
  2. Use (arc4random() % array.length-1) {as suggested by Suresh} to generate rendom index for your array. Say you got rand = 3
  3. Get the key from array arrKeys @3 = D. Then from your NSDictionary use [nextQuestion objectForKey:@"D"] and also remove the 'D' key from your array as [arrKeys removeObjectAtIndex:3]. Repeat 1-3 steps for next question.
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suresh: thnx 4 replaying you helped me.with the sequence thing but still not unique numbers – eyasin Nov 15 '12 at 15:32
mann: i rly dont have much experience in objective c can u help writing the code u explained – eyasin Nov 15 '12 at 15:33
refer @danh's answer below. That's what you are looking for. – Ramaraj T Nov 16 '12 at 4:22
can u edit my code because i couldn't do it..thnx – eyasin Nov 22 '12 at 9:07

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