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Ok, so Im trying to clearly demonstrate the different ways for playing a video, and Im getting stuck. There doesn't seem to be any clearly defined terms beyond "streaming" and "live streaming", and the definition of these terms seems to vary from person to person, site to site.

Playing video on my computer is not streaming? But what is the term for this? Local playback?

Playing, on my computer, a pre-recorded video that is kept on a server - is this streaming?

Playing, on my computer, a live video across the internet (like a webcam) - is this also streaming? Live streaming?

Are there any clear distinct terms that help make all of this less confusing?

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There is no difference between streaming and live streaming. However, there is a difference between live and streaming. Streaming is where you directly broadcast a video to a source such as youtube. Live is basically you record a video as its happening and post it after you edit the video, or in short streaming except you edit it and post it later.

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Your version of "live" sounds like "pre-recorded" to me. Doesnt "live" imply its being broadcast as its being recorded? –  Jimmery Mar 18 '13 at 12:35

Anytime you play something on your computer you have an stream. But online streaming does not come from saved content as we usually refer to it. Live stream is actually being broadcast on other medias such as antennas and/or cables and/or satellites and/or ADSL and is exposed to a large audience. Examples are News, Series, Kids programs, Movies, etc. which are broadcast on public media. A video conference is also a live stream.

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After many discussions with colleagues, and much searching online about the subject since I asked the question seven months ago, there are no definitive definitions for what streaming and live streaming is or is not.

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