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I have form1 in page1.jsp and form2 in page2.jsp.

The form1 contains a radio button group and it doesn't have validation.

The value of the radio button selected is used to query the database (via an Action called Load) and build the form2 in page2.jsp (for example in form2 is displayed a radio button group, which labels and values are retrieved from the db).

The form2 has validation (via validate() method of a ValidatorAction). If the validation fails, the form2 must be displayed again with errors (Load Action must be called again to rebuild the form). Instead, if the validation goes well, another page, page3.jsp, must be displayed.

I would a basic example or a link to an example, which shows a similar flow between Action, ActionForm, ValidatorAction... and the struts-config.xml


<action path="/form1" input="/jsp/home.jsp" name="formOne" 
scope="request" type="myPackage.SelectRadioId">
<forward name="Success" path="/Load.do"/> 
<forward name="Failure" path="/jsp/home.jsp" />

<action path="/form2" input="/Load.do" name="formTwo" validate="true"
scope="request" type="myPackage.MyValidatorAction">
<forward name="Success" path="/jsp/page3.jsp"/>
<forward name="Failure" path="/jsp/home.jsp"/>

<action path="/Load" scope="request" type="myPackage.Load">     
<forward name="Success" path="/jsp/page2.jsp"/>
<forward name="Failure" path="/jsp/home.jsp"/>

When I use this configuration (I succeed in passing the id of the radio button selected in the form1), also if there are NO validation errors in form2 the validate method of form bean formTwo is never reached and the action doen't go to page3.jsp

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