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This is a follow up to my previous question Concatenate 2 rows in a complex SQL query.

Here is what I got from this question:

PARAMETERS [CurrAxe] TEXT ( 255 ), [CurrOTP] TEXT ( 255 ), [CurrClient] TEXT (
255 ), [StartDate] DATETIME, [EndDate] DATETIME;

SELECT q.Projet, *
FROM   (faitssaillants f
LEFT JOIN employes e
ON f.utilisateur = e.cip)
SELECT s1.otp,
     [s1].[valeur] & "," & [s2].[valeur] AS Projet
FROM   (
  SELECT otp, valeur
  FROM   tb_sommaire
  WHERE  [variable] = 'TitreMandat') AS s1
   SELECT otp, valeur
   FROM   tb_sommaire 
   WHERE  [variable] = 'NomInstallation') AS s2
ON s1.otp = s2.otp) q
ON f.otp = q.otp
WHERE f.otp  = [currotp] 
AND f.client LIKE [currclient] 
AND f.axe LIKE [curraxe] 
AND Datevalue([dateinsertion]) 
    Between [startdate] And [enddate] 
ORDER  BY f.dateinsertion DESC; 

What if I would like to add another row (let's name it s3) with [variable] = 'something else' instead of 'TitreMandat' or 'NomInstallation'? Would it be possible to get all the tb_sommaire.variable as fields and tb_sommaire.valeur as values where tb_sommaire.otp = faitssaillants.otp? It would probably fix my future problems too.

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I would do your first solution in two queries including a crosstab. First query named qry1 SQL:

  f.index, f.project, f.axe, f.client, f.otp, s.variable, s.valeur, 
  f.FaitSaillant, f.dateInsertion, f.Utilisateur, e.empname
  (FaitsSaillants AS f INNER JOIN 
  f.otp = s.otp) LEFT JOIN 
  employes AS e ON 
  f.Utilisateur = e.cip;

You can add your WHERE criteria to this query.

2nd query, the crosstab one:

TRANSFORM First(qry1.valeur) AS FirstOfvaleur
SELECT qry1.index, qry1.project, qry1.axe, qry1.client, qry1.otp
FROM qry1
GROUP BY qry1.index, qry1.project, qry1.axe, qry1.client, qry1.otp
PIVOT qry1.variable;

then you can concatenate the valeurs for each variable

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I have to read a little bit more about TRANSFORM and PIVOT. I can't test it yet, but thank you. – dnLL Nov 16 '12 at 20:26
I always use the crosstab wizard and then modify it – Beth Nov 16 '12 at 21:40

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