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I have a problem with datePicker. When a make a new text field with datepicker and append it to some div it wont work.. Did anyone had the same problem...


    $("#DP").datepicker({showOn: 'button', buttonId: 'kalendar', buttonImage: 'calendar.gif', buttonImageOnly: true});


         $('<input type="text" id="DP">').appendTo('#some_div').show();   

<\div id="some_div"></div>
<\a href="#">New datepicker<\/a>

I need changeble numbers of datePickers fields. And sorry about my english..

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I think this does what you want it to:


  <script type="text/javascript">
    	field_count = 0;

    		var new_field = jQuery("<input type=\"text\" />")
    		$('#container').append(jQuery("<br />"));

<input type="button" id="add_datepicker" value="Add Datepicker"/>
<div id="container">



This allows you to add another <input> element with a unique id and name so that it can be submitted as form data.

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Thank you both. It's just what I was looking for. Thanks again.... –  JankoS Aug 27 '09 at 11:42

Problem is that you are setting "all" (i.e. one) #DP to be datepicker at document.ready, then you create a new input with id #DP. This won't automatically be set to datepicker, you either need to set the new input as datepicker at "constriction time", i.e.


     $('<input type="text" id="DP">').

NB! You can only have one DOM element with ID=DP

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