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I want to add fadeTo to this code snippet. When this adds the class current i want it to fade in. But I don't know how to solve, and where I've have to put the fadeTo(); parameter.

$(this).bind("click", function() {
            offset = - (panelWidth*z);
            currentPanel = z + 1;
            $('.panel-container', slider).animate({ marginLeft: offset }, settings.slideEaseDuration, settings.slideEaseFunction);
            if (!settings.crossLinking) { return false }; // Don't change the URL hash unless cross-linking is specified
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2 Answers

I'm not exactly sure which DOM element you're looking to fadeTo(), but take a look at this jsfiddle:


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i have a class "current" which i add on click. in your example the "click me" and i want to fade in the green color of your "Click me" text slowly... nevermind the pikachu!

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