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I am experimenting with my first GWT app that uses GIN. I am essentially mimicking the exact same source code example found in their Getting Started tutorial. At the end of that tutorial, the author mentions that you need to supply the the GWT compiler with a classpath pointing to the compiled Java binaries. The example they use for doing this is done using an Ant target.

Although I will have an automated (Ant-driven) build that also emulates this build task, I want to be able to run/debug my GWT apps from inside of Eclipse without having to kick off an Ant build.

So I ask: when running my GWT app inside Eclipse (Dev Mode), how do I configure the GIN library to point to the compiled classes? Thanks in advance!

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All you should need to do is add the gin.jar (and dependencies, probably just guice.jar) to your project's classpath.

It should not be required to copy these to WEB-INF/lib/, though depending on your server setup, you may require guice.jar there, but never gin.jar.

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