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I have a site that has a menu system that floats left within a div that is hard anchored right (position: absolute), but variable width.

There can be anywhere between 2 and 15 menu items (li's) in the menu and I need to make it so that they do not wrap when the screen is narrow. I don't have the ability to put them in a table as I can't change the HTML, just the CSS.

Is there any way to do this?

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What behaviour do you want when the screen is narrow? Do you want them to scale (get smaller as the screen gets smaller) or just overflow out of their container? Or just dissapear but not wrap onto another line? – Sean Dunwoody Nov 15 '12 at 16:41

You need to provide more specifics about behavior, but here's something that might help you using display: table-row.

They stick to the left of the positioned right element, overflowing to the right. You can set overflow:hidden on your nav container if you want them to just be invisible.

Also, possible duplicate: How do you make div elements display inline?

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Can you style the width of the divs to be percentage widths rather than absolute widths? That should help them scale as the screen gets narrower. You could do the same with the content as well.

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