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I'm using the place tag in an open graph action to add the location the user is in. The app is a native iOS app. I use the iOS location services to get the current location of the user. I then use this location to match against the location of the place they are in. If they are too far, they can't use the app for that location (The app sends an alert and doesn't let the user continue).

Once they are inside the venue and the app verifies the location of the user and the location of the venue by making sure the coordinates are close enough. Only then can they continue on and only then will the facebook option to use the open graph action be available.

When the user performs the open graph action, i use the venue's facebook 'place' id number in the place tag of the action. Works fine in testing.

I've been rejected 3 times so far and have no idea what information they are looking for. I provided screen shots of the app showing the alerts and the fact that you can't use the app unless you are physically inside the venue. I provided the code used in the iOS app verifying location services. You can't use the app unless location services are on. The app has not been submitted to apple because the Facebook part doesn't work yet.

The message I keep getting from Facebook: "Please make the changes below and resubmit for review. The place property you have requested doesn't meet our requirement that a user has to be at the physical location at the time the action occurs. Please update your action and resubmit. For further information, please see here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/submission_criteria/action_properties/#place"

from the link it says: "You can only specify the place property if the user is actually at the physical location at the time the action occurs. For example, do not create a story where the user has not yet completed the action in that location like, 'Peter wants to cook a recipe on Recipe Box -- in New York, NY'."

The user can't perform the action unless they are physically at the location. So i'm not sure what requirement I'm missing.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or does anyone have any insight on what I need to provide or show? Currently I show screen shots of the app screens ...

1 shows the screen where you get an alert if you are not inside the location but try to click there.

another shows the screen where you can click to go to the screen that performs the open graph action and also allows the user to add an optional message.

Another shows the screen where the user can perform the action

Another shows the screen where the app shows a success message after the action is posted

Last one shows a screen shot of the posted action on the user's facebook page.


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Is your action “completed”, as the docs say? (User has actually done something and is finished with it, not just “planning to do …” as in their example.) And they say they want to be able to test the action themselves – is that possible within your app, or will they always get the message that they are to far away from the location? – CBroe Nov 15 '12 at 16:10
Yes the action is completed (can only be used in past tense) the action is "played a song". The user plays a song from the list and the action is sent. The app has not been submitted to apple yet because the facebook part doesnt work. According to documentation: "Native Mobile Apps Your actions are most likely not live in the version of your app that's available in the App Store or Google Play. Please upload screenshots with your submission that document the complete user flow for your integration, including all of your actions, additional properties and Open Graph stories on timeline." – Amos Nov 15 '12 at 16:27

The action was eventually approved. Just adding a note here if anyone else has the same issue... I ended up resubmitting the same exact action with the same screenshots with one exception. The original screen shot I sent showing the action on the user's facebook page came from the iPad (which doesn't show the action the same way as a computer's browser). I replaced that screen shot with one from the computer's browser. I'm guessing that's what they wanted, but still never got clarification.

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