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My project structure is:

├── WebContent
│   ├── META-INF
│   ├── WEB-INF
│   │   ├── lib
│   │   └── views
│   ├── css
│   ├── img
├── src
│   └── com
│       └── mycode
│           └── morecode

I am trying to compile the code and then have a WAR:

Following is my ant script task for compile, however, it fails and complains at the most basic things like error: package javax.servlet.http does not exist However, the code compiles fine in my IDE. So, I suspect that my task isn't configured property in ant.

<path id="compile.classpath">
    <fileset dir="WebContent/WEB-INF/lib">
        <include name="*.jar"/>

<target name="init">
    <mkdir dir="build/classes"/>
    <mkdir dir="dist" />

<target name="compile" depends="init" >
    <javac destdir="build/classes" debug="true" srcdir="src">
        <classpath refid="compile.classpath"/>
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Presumably you don't have the servlet API JAR in your WEB-INF/lib, because those classes would normally be provided by the servlet container. Your IDE will be providing them from somewhere else, but for your Ant build you'll need to get a copy of the relevant JAR, put it in your project somewhere like build/lib (i.e. not under WEB-INF) and add it to your compile.classpath.

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