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I'm trying to add the Mixpanel SDK to an iOS app that uses ARC. After adding the SDK I get some compile errors related to ARC usage. How can I integrate Mixpanel into a project that uses ARC?

In my personal projects I always manage mempory manually. Perhaps there's some way to tell the compiler this code uses ARC while this code doesn't.

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Click on your project name in the navigator. Choose "Build Phases" from the list header in the right hand window. You should see a bar named "Compile Sources"; expand it and you should see a list of the source files in the project and a column labeled "Compiler Flags". For every file in the Mixpanel SDK, double-click in this column and add the following line:


This will signal the compiler to not use Automatic Reference Counting when compiling these files. If you ever need to do the reverse (compile ARC code in a non-ARC project) do the same thing but add this line instead:


I believe this may be a duplicate of this question.

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