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I have a page: my-account/my-templates/view/1 - which simply uses the id field of 1 to display the item

What I'm wanting to do is to create a copy action, that simply takes all the values in this item and creates a new item

I have a link_to() which holds the following:

<?php echo link_to('Copy', '@copy_template', array('id' => $template->getId())); ?>

I'm passing in the id of the template.

Can I access this id in the copy action?



public function executeViewTemplate(sfWebRequest $request)
  $this->template = Doctrine_Core::getTable('UserTemplate')->getUserTemplate($request->getParameter('id'));

public function executeTemplateCopy(sfWebRequest $request)
   $this->id = $request->getParameter('id');
   // get the passed template id 



<?php echo link_to('Copy', '@copy_template', array('id' => $sf_request->getParameter('id'), 'class'=>'button green')); ?>


<?php echo "ID". $id;?> --> doesn't return the passed id
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In an action, you can retrieve a parameter using:

$id = $request->getParameter('id');

For example, if you have this action:

public function executeCopyTemplate(sfWebRequest $request)
  $id = $request->getParameter('id');

And from a template:

<?php $id = $sf_request->getParameter('id') ?>

In your case:

<?php echo link_to('Copy', '@copy_template?id='.$sf_request->getParameter('id')); ?>
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The main problem is the URL no longer contains the URL, it will be my-account/my-templates/copy - but i need to pass the id from the view action, if that makes sense? –  user789122 Nov 15 '12 at 16:08
If 1 is given as a parameter called id in my-account/my-templates/view/1, I've update my answer in this case. –  j0k Nov 15 '12 at 16:12
I have updated my question. I have a URL my-account/my-templates/view/1. When I click on Copy the URL becomes, my-account/my-templates/copy - without the id. I know I can access via the request parameter, but I need to pass this id value to my copy action –  user789122 Nov 15 '12 at 16:22
i was hoping I could pass it into the link_to() and access it in the action –  user789122 Nov 15 '12 at 16:24
Try to use the last code block I put in my answer. As @cobra said, second array parameter is for html option, not for the route parameter. –  j0k Nov 15 '12 at 16:25

The array at the end of the link_to function alters HTML attributes like class and id. It doesnt pass url parameters normally. THis will work:

<?php echo link_to('Copy', '@copy_template?id='. $template->getId(), array()); ?>
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