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Within my 'Pending Changes' view I see this :

enter image description here

What are 'Pending Patches' and how are they created ? I think someone may have inadvertently created it. I do not seem to have the options to see what files have changed, should I not have this option ?

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A pending Patch is a diff waiting to be applied in your local workspace.

It can be the result of a merge, or the explicit removal of a changeset ("Suspend"), put aside as a "Patch" (again, a diff), in order to clear the current local workspace of a modification you don't want to apply just yet.

You can also create one when accepting an incoming changet:

Accepting a change set will work when all previous change sets it depends on are present in your repository workspace.
When one of those change sets is missing then there is a gap in history.
RTC SCM prevents an accept from completing in this scenario.
There are two options to get the change into your repository workspace:

  1. Accept the change sets that will fill the gap. This may be as simple as accepting all incoming changes if the change set you want is in your incoming changes.
  2. Accept the change set and select the option to accept as a patch.
    This will create changes that you can merge into your Eclipse workspace and check-in. A new change set would be created that will not depend on the change sets that would fill the gap.

Accept as Patch

The Help page explains how to create a patch.

Note that there is no easy way to get the same feature in ClearCase.

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