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I am very new to Access and I am working on a database and I need help coming up with a solution:

I am recording data from a bunch of asphalt laying crews. Each crew has a record with a field for production and equipment. Each crew has varying types of equipment and varying quantities of equipment. Therefore, I would need to create a new table for the type and quantity of equipment every time I enter a new record... can someone please help me come up with a solution? Thank you in advance!

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You do not need a new table for each record, you just need a properly set up table. Let us say:

Crews table

CrewMembers table

CrewEquipment table

Equipment table

You might like to read

With the above set-up, you can have a Crew form with subforms for members and equipment. You can get an idea from this create form to add records in multiple tables

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Creating new table everytime is not solution, you should clear some RDBMS concept like normalization first. Create separate table for

crew member (which include crew member id, his name, salary/wages
List item per hour) equipments (which include equipments id, operation cost per hour etc) 
Shift (can be separated by date and shift time etc)

Then create proper relationship between tables and this way you can create proper relational database system. so finish some basic tutorial first then start development.

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thank you all!! – user1547174 Nov 15 '12 at 17:17

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