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I have searched all over the web for this, but cannot find the code (preferred) or plugin (not ideal) to do what I'm looking for:


Is there a custom php function I can utilize OR place in my functions.php file, or a Wordpress plugin to use that will automatically generate a PDF of a Wordpress post (single.php only) and link in the post that a user can download?

Alternatively, if anyone knows how to do this just in PHP, that will work as well.


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Try this plugin:

The Wordpress website has a handy plugins search page - :)

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I searched existing Wordpress plugins but couldn't find anything that fitted exactly what I wanted (if using a plugin, I want LOTS of control). I'll check out your link. – adamdehaven Nov 15 '12 at 16:14

Have you considered trying:

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You could also consider DOMPDF:

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