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Im looking to create a series of drop down boxes which are populated from a MYSQL database.

I have 2 tables in the database,

  1. id, name -

  2. id, ids from table #1 (1, 3, 4) -
    1|1, 3, ...
    2|2, 3, ...
    3|1, 2, ...

I need to select records from table 2 and create dropdown menus using the names from table 1.

Ive used the following code to create a dropdown lists, but it displays only one dropdown list and stops.

Any help is much appreciated

    $getRss = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM optionals_groups where resid=".$_SESSION['restaid']." order by id asc");
    while ($rss = @mysql_fetch_array($getRss)) { ?>
    <select name="a_<?=$rss['id']?>" id="a_<?=$rss['id']?>" >
      <option value="1" >Select Options</option>
        $goptionals=explode(', ',($rss['goptionals']));  
    $getRss= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM optionals order by id asc");
        while ($rsso = mysql_fetch_array($getRss)) {
            if (in_array($rsso['id'],$goptionals)) {
      <option value="<?=$rsso['id']?>" ><?=$rsso['optional']?></option>
    <br />
    <?php } ?>


Here is where I am so far. I was able to create the dropdown lists using table 2 and I need to figured out how to get the names from table 1 for each id I have listed from table 2.

I have the feeling that something with join will do the job, but not quite sure.

Any ideas?

      $getRss = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM optionals_groups where       resid=".$_SESSION['restaid']." order by id asc");
    while ($rsr = @mysql_fetch_array($getRss)) {
    $goptionals=explode(', ',($rsr['goptionals']));

echo "<select name='a_".$rsr['id']." id='a_".$rsr['id']."' >";
echo "<option value='1' >Select Options</option>";
    foreach($goptionals as $v)
        echo "<option value=".$v." >".$v."</option>";
         echo "</select><br>";       
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The correct way of doing this is to write a join query that already gets you all the information you need and then create the dropdown. Never query your database inside a loop!

More tips:

  • Do NOT mix PHP and markup like that, create your markup with the help of concatenation and then send it to the view
  • Do NOT use the error supressor @. It will obfuscate errors you really want to know about.
  • Do NOT use the ancient, insecure mysql_* API anymore, use PDO with prepared statements instead.
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Thank you for the tips markus-tharkun. I'm new to php/mysql and still learning...I wish I can write join queries, but I'll try. – TimR Nov 15 '12 at 16:41

In your example the INNER JOIN returns rows when there is at least one match in both tables(id)

The syntax for INNER JOIN is

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name1
INNER JOIN table_name2
ON table_name1.column_name=table_name2.column_name

see description of JOIN

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