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Which up-to-date books can you recommend when it comes to usability and interactions on webpages?

And which tools do you prefer for creating wireframes and why? (Hotgloo, Axure, Visio etc)

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One good and detailed book about web interactions is this: O'Reilly's Designing Web Interfaces

My favourite wireframing tool: whiteboard. You can erase, collaborate easily + I get better ideas when standing.

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+1 for the whiteboard, not eveything need to be solved using the computer. – Toon Krijthe Jan 13 '13 at 11:13

Firstly sorry regarding the "up-to-date" books I have no proper idea on that... But yes for creating wireframe you can prefer AXURE... Since the wireframe is just the functionality representation which would not require high level animations and will surely be good to have them at basic level than level '0'. So I recommend Axure for Wireframing. :)

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Not as specific, but Krugman's Don't Make Me Think is about an hour to read, and is about as much usefulness-per-page as you'll find.

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