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Good day,

I am attempting to carry out a sparse checkout of parts of a repo. Basically, let's assume I want to just check out the directory structure for the first level of a repo. I could do:

svn co --depth=immediates

Now, I would like to go into one of the sub-directories in my local working copy, and update it completely (ie: depth=infinity).

svn up --depth=infinity

However, this does not download/checkout any files at all. I know that I could just manually do

svn co URL-to-path --depth=infinity

But this would mean that for each subdirectory, I have to type in the full path to the SVN repo, which will become a pain really fast based on how many directories I have to do this for.

Is there a way to force svn up to just ignore the depth argument previously used by the checkout command?

Thank you.

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svn up --depth only adds one more limit, so it cannot download more

for you case svn up --set-depth will likely work

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I can't believe I let something so seemingly simple slip past me in the man-pages. Thank you sir! –  Dogbert Nov 15 '12 at 17:04
Actually I missed it too first time :) –  maxim1000 Nov 15 '12 at 17:08

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