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I currently have a landing page /vouchers and then many pages linked to that for example /vouchers/1, /vouchers/2 etc.

I currently have the functionality that if this is entered /vouchers/1?offer=50 then the form on that page is sent with the offer included in the url.

Now I need to add the functionality so if /vouchers?offer=50 is entered, any page that is then navigated to, will keep these parameters. (for example /vouchers/1 should then include the offer from the url)

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I see only one way.

  • store all "special" parameters in session
  • in any handler — if "special" parameters are in session — form new url with this parameters and redirect user there
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Let me guess : 1. you have a model , named "Voucher" 2. In case you want to see the entry for , let's say , voucher#1 , you see URL voucher/1 (notice the singular form of the word 'voucher') 3. you assign the value of the offer by some interaction by user , for example - link or list . Let's say it's a link . Try this (HAML):

= link_to "Accept this offer and create a new voucher", new_voucher_path(:offer => @offer_value)

(in your case @offer_value = 50)

The following view (or partial ) will be able to read the value in :offer .

You can refer to this useful discusion .

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I solved this, probably not in the best way. On the /voucher page, I added if statements to all the links, so if there's an offer in the url, the links are appended appropriately.

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