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I am using mobile application (html, jQuery, php) to interact with JomSocial and I have been able to post to groups, discussions and more. The way I do this is look at the controller through the url and go to the actual controller class e.g. /controllers/groups.php and see how it's implemented. So when I see www.mysite.com/groups/1, I know the controller is groups.php

The problem am having is that user's profile is not like this. The url looks like


I assumed this would be profile.php but nothing like posting to a wall in that class.

Question: What controller is handling the display of user profile? If you also know how I can post on a profile wall and post reply/comment to it, I will appreciate this.

I know these tables are involved: _users, _wall, _actvities etc. But the sequence of saving into those tables is what I don't want to miss and have been successful with other entities except user's profile wall.

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The .htaccess file (if you're using Apache) should shed some light on this. Can you post it? – nickb Nov 15 '12 at 16:49
@nickb which portion do you want to see? – codingbiz Nov 15 '12 at 16:54
Sorry, I didn't see the Joomla tag. – nickb Nov 15 '12 at 17:03
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In case somebody might need this in future, I finally found the controller.


These functions were used

  • public function ajaxStreamAdd($message, $attachment) - goes into jom_community_activities table where $message is the text entered in the "Share" box and $attachment is a JSON-encoded string that contains the target, actor, access-level, app etc

  • public function ajaxStreamAddComment($actid, $comment) - goes into jom_community_wall table where $actid is the userid of the user posting the $comment

Best Regards

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