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I am using Google Analytics Beta 2.0 to track events in an iOS application.

Screen tracking seems to be not an issue, but when I attempt to track an event the website states it says "122 of your visits sent events", but there are no events tracked.

Here is the code for the event tracking:

[self.tracker trackEventWithCategory:@"Question Results"
                              withAction:@"Finished questions"
                               withValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:1]];

Which is straight from the google analytics website.

Thanks for the assistance.

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Try this code. It works for me.

[[GAI sharedInstance].defaultTracker trackEventWithCategory:@"UIAction"
                                                  withLabel:@"Next button to second page"
                                                  withValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:1]];

Add the above code into -(IBAction)buttonClicked:(id)sender;

In your Google Analytics page go to app home -> my dashboard -> in that choose add widget -> choose table in that add a Dimension as Event Label, add a metric as Event Value and add a metrics to total events and save.

Don't forget to choose the date which is in the right-top corner.

Once the event is fired it ll added in google analytics. but it ll take time to show events in Google Analytics.

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+1 for the reminder to choose the correct date! I always seem to forget this… – enjayem Mar 12 '13 at 19:56
How long does it take for the event to show up on the web site? – FreeAsInBeer Mar 23 '13 at 1:40
@ FreeAsInBeer it ll take few hours or a day – Anamika Mar 25 '13 at 8:42

You have to build the tracker send event with googleAnalytics. see follow

 //Track your event with Google Analytics
 id<GAITracker> tracker = [[GAI sharedInstance] defaultTracker];
 [tracker send:[[GAIDictionaryBuilder createEventWithCategory:@"Category Name"
                                                      action:@"Event Action"
                                                       label:@"Action Label(Button)"
                                                       value:@"value (int)"] build]];
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