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OK I try to do some web scraping, I know how to select part of site, paragraph, class... now, is it possible to select text, extract it and put it between HTML.


This is first paragraph.
This is second paragraph.

I wanna get it like a bullet point list.

    <li>This is first paragraph</li>
    <li>This is second paragraph.</li>

Or in divs

<div id="first">This is first paragraph</div> 
<div id="second">This is second paragraph.</div>
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You cannot create a dom element in XPath, but you can do some string manipulation.

E.g. if your XPath expression to select the example are '//p[1]' and '//p[2]', you can create the list like:

   "<li>", //p[1],  "</li>",
   "<li>", //p[2], "</li>",

(assuming the paragraph text does not contains special characters like < or &)

There is also XQuery, which is like an extension of XPath, where you can just write:


to create that html.

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Thanks people for answering, now I know what to do :) – Dragose Nov 16 '12 at 22:26

Try to use the function tokenize and then a xsl:for-each; it should be ok for you.

Have a check to and

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