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I am trying to set up a sheet in my excel Workbook where the data is from the web. That way I can click refresh and the data will be pulled from the site again, basically automating what is currently a new process.

Right now we are exporting the data from a site into an excel file and then copy/pasting it into the second workbook and generating our reports there, I want to avoid doing this, clicking refresh should refresh the data.

The data I am trying to pull is from the OnDemand JIRA application we are using to track our agile team process. (URL https://mycompany.atlassian.net/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-excel-all-fields/10101/SearchRequest-10101.xls?tempMax=1000)

Now the problem is that if I select Data -> From Web in Excel 2010 and I enter the above URL, Excel always wants to save the data into another Excel file....is there any way I can have it insert the data in the workbook I already have open (the one I clicked Data -> From Web in?)? I can't seem to find any way to do this right now so any help is appreciated!

I don't know too much about REST but is there a better way to do this other than using Data -> From Web? Keep in mind I want to avoid the copy/paste of the data from one spreadsheet to another and the data will be refreshed weekly. Thank YOU!

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I'm guessing that URL returns an Excel file and not HTML, so you may not be able to use a web query. In VBA you can likely just do Workbooks.Open(yourURLHere), then copy and paste from that file into your existing workbook. – Tim Williams Nov 15 '12 at 19:04
Unless you want to parse out the XML you're stuck with copy/paste, but I don't see why that's such an issue - can easily be automated. – Tim Williams Nov 16 '12 at 7:07
Well for me its not a big issue, but others seem to think so :( haha. How can it be automated? – Tudor Hofnar Nov 16 '12 at 16:34

This might get you started...

Sub DoUpdate()

Const URL As String = "https://mycompany.atlassian.net/sr/jira.issueviews:" & _
                       "searchrequest-excel-all-fields/10101/" & _

Dim wb As Workbook

    Set wb = Workbooks.Open(URL) 'open workbook from web

    'clear previous data

    'copy new data over
    wb.Sheets(1).Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Copy _

    wb.Close False 'close and don't save any changes

End Sub
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