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I need to identify what JSON values my server expects. I've been doing testing within Haskell, and all is well. So now I need to take the next step so I can document what these values look like for other people to use.

One of my REST methods expects an Array

Array (fromList [String "BNAP",Number 312]) is how Haskell expresses this.

Testing with cURL, I want to do something like this:

curl -D- -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '["BNAP":312]'

But this seems to not be valid JSON

ParseError {errorContexts = ["]"], errorMessage = "Failed reading: satisfyWith", errorPosition = 1:8}

If Haskell was expecting an Object Object (fromList [String "BNAP",Number 312]) for example, the JSON would be expressed this way --data '{"BNAP":312}'

So to me, it follows that my above attempt would be right. But, it's not. So, how does one express an Array with one Pair consisting of a String and a Number, with cURL?

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The colon is not valid JSON here:


Array elements should be separated by a comma:

["BNAP", 312]

If you wanted an array with a single key-value pair, you need to add curly braces:

[{"BNAP": 312}]
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