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I view a website's source code using Firebug and I find that there are div blocks that are not clear (its font color is lighter than others). I guess these are generated by some sources, right. How can I trace these out ? For example if I have a div like this

<div id="someid"><a href="" style="something">the stylish</a></div>

and this div is faded, I would like to use jquery to change its style for example, Will that actually work for me ?

because after I do this

$('#someid a').attr('style','somethingelse');

I can't find that faded div block anymore in my source. What happens ?

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Try using css

$('#someid a').css('background-color','red');
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You need to write specify css for tags, because browsers automatically apply colors for that

#someid a{

also can change color by jQuery

 $('#someid a').css('color','red');
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