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I am trying to write a basic volume application. Since I'm writing this in Ruby I don't want to extend the C library or use ffi, instead I trying to write this with ruby-dbus I got the Address Property with /org/pulse_audio/server_lookup1 but the file the address points to doesn't exist. Is Pulse Audio properly configured for dbus?

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On my system (openSUSE 12.1), PA does point to an existing socket. This code (gist)

#! /usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'dbus'
b = DBus.session_bus
ps = b.service 'org.PulseAudio1'
po = ps.object '/org/pulseaudio/server_lookup1'
pi = po['org.PulseAudio.ServerLookup1']
a = pi['Address']
path = a.split('=').last
system 'stat', path


$ ruby ~/snippets/dbus-pulseaudio.rb 
  File: `/home/mvidner/.pulse/7c5e87305bb28b5a0661f8180000054c-runtime/dbus-socket'
  Size: 0               Blocks: 0          IO Block: 4096   socket
Device: 801h/2049d      Inode: 1332590     Links: 1
Access: (0777/srwxrwxrwx)  Uid: (11018/ mvidner)   Gid: (  100/   users)
Access: 2012-11-19 09:07:20.566053943 +0100
Modify: 2012-11-19 09:07:20.566053943 +0100
Change: 2012-11-19 09:07:20.566053943 +0100
 Birth: -
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Ubuntu ships Pulse Audio without D-Bus support. To enable it put the following line at the end of file /etc/pulse/

load-module module-dbus-protocol

Restart Pulse Audio:

pkill pulseaudio; pulseaudio

Solution found at pulseaudio-mixer-cli project which demonstrates how to use pulseaudio over D-Bus.

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