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I hope I'm not creating a duplicate topic, but I've been searching for two days and can't find a solution to this.

We are starting a new project in MVC4 and we have the less version of bootstrap loaded. The issue I'm running into is when I try to reference some classes or variables in the bootstrap.less, my global.less, or any thing outside the current file. I can create a variable in the top of the current file and use it just fine, but if I want to use something out of a separate file, I have to @import it. This would be fine if my entire app's less was in one file, but I'd have to @import 4+ files into each page/section less file I create.

I added the MVC4 bundling addition from https://gist.github.com/2002958

The issue, as I am seeing it, is that each file is evaluated and converted to css independently. I tried to simplify the process and build a massive less string from all of the files in the less bundle and then convert them (Less.Parse(lessString)), but I'm getting the error:

"You are importing a file ending in .less that cannot be found"

So here's my ultimate question: Is there a way to simply parse a less string without there being a physical file referenced? That would resolve my issue.

If that's not possible for some odd reason, is there a component or process already in place that I don't know about that actually bundles the files together before minifying them?

Any light on this subject would be appreciated as I am spinning in circles trying to get this to work.

This question was also posted in the Dotless group:

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Have you looked into the LESS bundle transformer?

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