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I'm creating parser, and i have following construction:

quotes = soup.findAll('div',{'class':'text'})

But it's strip all html tags(like br). How I can change it?

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findAll itself will give you a list of HTML nodes.

If you want to retrieve their text content (without tags), use .get_text().

To get the children of these nodes (as objects too), use .contents or .children.

In order to print a node's children as a well-formatted string, you can use .prettify(). Note that this won't exactly preserve the original formatting.

See also:
BeautifulSoup innerhtml?

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If you want to take out the tags from the text, you could try something like this:

for item in quotes:
  quote = re.sub(r"\<.*?\>", "", quote)
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No, on the contrary, I want to save all the tags May be my English is terrible, i'm sorry for it:) – Andrey Rusanov Nov 15 '12 at 18:36
No problem, so do you want to convert the tags to "\n" or? – Kaonashi Nov 15 '12 at 18:43

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