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 echo CHtml::ajaxButton (Yii::t('Listing.Listing','Associa'), 
                    $this->createUrl('listing/addAssociation', array("id" => $model->id, "itemId"=> '5'  ) ), 
                    array('update' => '#dataToUpdate')

i'm using this example code (and it's working), to send an id and an itemId ('5' fixed in the example), to addAssociation.

All is working, but I've the need to pass for itemId the result of a jQuery expression. something like

"itemId" = "js: $('#myDropDown option:selected').val();"

But in this case, the js expression is not evaluated and in actionAddAssociation i see that itemId is the literal string:

 "js: $('#myDropDown option:selected').val();"

how to allow an user to select a combo, and the pass the selected value to an action based on this action ?

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You have to pass that in the ajax option's data property:

echo CHtml::ajaxButton (Yii::t('Listing.Listing','Associa'), 
    $this->createUrl('listing/addAssociation', array("id" => $model->id)), 
    array(// these are ajax options
        'data' => array('itemId'=> 'js: $("#myDropDown option:selected").val()'),
              // and don't use semi-colon after val(), you can also pass id here itself
        'update' => '#dataToUpdate'
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I agree this one is more straight and simple way. – Ezze Nov 15 '12 at 20:39
But can you explain where Yii evaluates this JavaScript expression and how passes the result to ajax request? – Ezze Nov 15 '12 at 20:44
@Ezze yes, it is simpler, thanx. How this happens is clear if you look at the call sequence, which is: CHtml::ajaxButton()->button()->clientChange()->ajax()->CJavaScript::encode() – Nov 15 '12 at 20:58
Thank you so much, now I see that CJavaScript::encode does the trick. – Ezze Nov 15 '12 at 21:06

You can try to use jQuery's ajaxPrefilter to add a function that will alter your data being passed through ajax.

First, you have to register the following script on your page's initialization:

jQuery.ajaxPrefilter(function(options, originalOptions, jqXHR) {
    if (originalOptions['data'] && originalOptions['data']['requestId'] === "myDropDown") {
        delete originalOptions['data']['requestId'];
        originalOptions['data']['itemId'] = jQuery("#myDropDown option:selected").val();
        options['data'] = jQuery.param(originalOptions['data']);

Here options is a complete settings object determined for jQuery.ajax(). I pass an additional requestId parameter to identify ajax request and, to make things simplier, a view could look like this:

print CHtml::dropDownList("myDropDown", 1, array(
    1 => "First",
    2 => "Second",
    3 => "Third"
print CHtml::ajaxButton(Yii::t("Listing.Listing", "Associa"), Yii::app()->createUrl("listing/addAssociation"), array(
    'data' => array(
        'requestId' => "myDropDown",
        'id' => $model->id
    'update' => "#dataToUpdate"
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